Music is FUN.

For every musician, the very best week of every year is the one where music is being created!

By Dr. Ken Steorts

Visible Music Week exists to bring this wonderful Visible Music College experience to young people and church musicians in an accessible format. We love introducing students to a deep devotional life, music theory, bands, recording, and a live performance in a one week camp format.
I love working with creative Christians and have done so for decades, including my time with the startup of the band Skillet. I see these same young people globally in these Visible Music Weeks – it is amazing when you give them access and attention for a specific time and place like we do for the week!
Our Visible Music Week students, over 1,000 in total reached over the years…with multiple churches in 15 states and countries. Around 50% of students come back the next year and come be a part of the college in some way.
Then they become staff and pass along the fun and importance of Visible Music Week to another generation!
Dr. Ken