Visible Music Week

Visible Music Week is a time to discover and refine your musical skills and talents, so come prepared to worship together with other fellow believers striving to reach the same goals.

VMW top 3 highlights

be in a band.

When you attend a Visible Music Week, you are immediately put into a band that you will practice, record, create and perform with that week. 

form your own band

record in the studio.

During Visible Music Week, your band will record your very own project to take home to your friends and family! Each band gets to track real time in the studio and gain valuable recording experience!

Record your own music

lead worship.

Both on stage and off, learning to lead worship is a vital aspect of your Visible Music Week. Leading worship is an overflowing of praise and love that will run from your heart to every aspect of your life. VMW sets the stage for authentic worship and praise to flourish in every aspect of your life.

lead in worship

VMW Highlights

The Schedule

It all starts with Sunday night check-in and band auditions, then 4 days of devotions, theory, lessons, bands, workshops, and recording! The final full day will be spent preparing for the Concert of Worship which takes place on the final night. Saturday morning ends with an amazing wrap up and send-off!

Instrumental Training

Visible Music Week will provide sessions emphasizing vocals, drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard. During the week, students will get individual lessons and intense music theory training.


Each night at VMW, you will attend worship sessions led by our top-notch speakers and a professional band. We have intentionally cultivated personal devotional material that will challenge you to grow your faith as well as space for your small group to share and pursue the Word together.

Coaching & Workshops

We have industry professionals that will work with you on a group and individual level to help you take your skills to the next level. Each band is assigned a professional coach to help you guide the way as well as hands-on seminars that cover topics in worship leadership, songwriting, and music business.


Throughout the week, you will study and play in a live band setting. VMW students (that's you) will record a song in a real studio environment and perform on a real venue stage.

Audition for Visible MC!

Your week at VMW can serve as an opportunity to audition for Visible Music College AND you are eligible to subtract the cost of VMW from your college tuition! Our admissions staff is ready to help you put your dreams to action!

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VMW Locations in Texas, Illinois, Tennessee, and California!