Spend a week learning music with your new friends who love the same things you do: new music, deep worship, writing songs, and recording. Perform Friday night with your new band and the Concert of Worship…

And take home your cd!

Songwriting // Worship Leadership

Music Production // Music Business

Dallas, TX //
June 18-20

Camp Speakers: Visible Staff

Camp Band: Visible Student Band

Camp Pricing:

  • $209 for COMMUTER students
  • $309 for OVERNIGHT students

Lansing, IL //
COMING in 2019!

Camp Speaker: TBA

Camp Band: TBA

Camp Pricing: 

  • $459 BEFORE  03/01/19
  • $509 AFTER  03/01/19

Memphis, TN //
July 1-6

Camp Speaker: Visible Staff

Camp Band: Visible Student Bands

Camp Pricing: 

  • $409 for COMMUTER students
  • $509 for OVERNIGHT students

Atascadero, CA //
July 15-20

Camp Speaker: Ken Steorts & Visible Staff

Camp Band: The Eagle & Child

Camp Pricing: 

  • $309 for COMMUTER students
  • $409 for OVERNIGHT students

Camp Speakers & Worship Bands

The mission of Visible Music College is to train and equip musicians, technicians, and business professionals in skill and character for effective service in the music industry and in the church. We feel that this inspiring training can and should be available to all ages and skill levels.