6 weeks // 7 locations.

Memphis. Dallas. Chicago. California.

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Be in a band, record in the studio,
& lead worship this summer.

Designed for high school & middle school students, Visible Music Week aims to expand your passion for music through hands on learning and training and prepare you for your future in music. 

You’ll receive training in: Music Theory, Bands Class, One-on-One Instrument Lessons, Music Workshops and more!

Dates & Locations

June 16-21, 2019

Visible Music College - Memphis Campus

June 24-28, 2019

christ fellowship Church // Dallas Campus

July 8-12, 2019

Visible Music College - Lansing Campus

July 15-19, 2019

christian life college - Mt. Prospect, IL

July 21-26, 2019


July 29 - Aug 2, 20199

Light on the hill church - $409CAD/camper

July 19-21, 2019

Czech republic Music Weekend

VMW Camp Pricing

Overnight for Memphis/Chicago

Commuter Pricing: $409

Overnight for Dallas / Cali / Canada

Commuter Pricing: $309

Bring VMW to Your City

Your church can be the hub of music and worship training in your area through Visible Music Week. 

Imagine your church hosting a worship school for one week and impacting musicians in your area with depth and substance.